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“One of the most polished and enjoyable campaigns available on a Mobile VR platform” – Upload VR

For Samsung Gear VR

TERM1NAL follows the story of Flynn Lightman, a highly skilled hacker, specialized in remotely controlling androids from the safety of his secret hide-out using advanced VR hardware. He is contacted by a client to infiltrate STRIDE Industries, a company that specializes in data security and advanced robotics.
By taking control of one of the companies androids and an over enthusiastic robot dog his journey takes him into the depths of a heavily defended, high-tech facility where he discovers STRIDE’s inner workings.
For what should’ve been a routine security hack, Flynn finds himself drawn into a nerve wrecking ethical dilemma as he uncovers a plot that threatens his safety and the stability of mankind.


Sneak through 12 missions. Outsmart the enemy security. Hack the facility and puzzle your way through over 2 hours of story driven stealth-action gameplay.



Gamepad or Gear VR
Controller required